Mr. Almomte is ever the undercover operative. He is still going undercover and meeting with, infiltrating and documenting the Patron Saints of the Mexican drug world. This is a very dangerous and courageous mission. His knowledge first hand and very hands on. This course is highly recommended for all police officers. This training could very well keep an officer safe and alive.
Lt. Don Miller
Stephenville Police Dept.
“Robert Almonte’s program on the Patron Saints of the Mexican Drug Underworld is relevant in every corner of the U.S. and internationally. Even the most grizzled and street-hardened lawman will be shocked and amazed at what we are up against investigating narco terrorism. Robert’s experience helps make the law enforcement community smarter and more importantly, safer.”
Jay Dobyns
Retired ATF Agent Deep Undercover Operative New York Times Best Selling Author Keynote Speaker
"I just wanted to thank you… I attended the training you have in LA… and it proved extremely useful.” “…we did a search warrant at the apartment of a murder suspect. “one bedroom of the apartment was completely dedicated to this worship, with shrines, candles, etc… under the candles were handwritten prayers for things such as wealth and protection…" “Because of your training, I was able to recognize the room and knew what to expect. I was then able to speak intelligently about it to the suspect’s girlfriend, without whom, we would not have been able to file the (murder) case.”
Colin Braudrick Detective
I attended your Patron Saints class yesterday at the DEA, and I wanted to yell you that it was one of the best classes I’ve taken.
HIDTA Intelligene Analyst
Houston, Texas
Your expertise and command of the subject helped the jury understand the belief in Narco-Patron Saints icons and its importance to (this ) drug trafficking organization.
United States Attorney
Eastern District
Without your training I might have missed these (drug saint) indicators and the money.
Police Officer
Petaluma Police Department Sonoma County, California
If you attend only one training event this year let it be this (one). It will be a great eye opener for you and possibly save you and your partners life.
Eric Estrada
ICAC Investigator - Bedford County Sheriffs Office, Virginia Former Television Star - Chip’s