Robert Almonte

Deputy Chief (Ret), El Paso, Texas Police Department and former U.S. Marshal. Robert has 32 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in narcotics investigations and undercover work. He served as the United States Marshal for the Western District of Texas from 2010 to 2016.

He previously served 25 years with the El Paso, TX Police Department where he spent the majority of his career in narcotics investigations and retired as a Deputy Chief. As the Narcotics Commander with the EPPD, he championed innovative programs like the Hotel/Motel Narcotics Interdiction Unit and the West Texas High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Stash House Task Force, both of which yielded successful apprehensions through community-policing initiatives.

Robert Almonte has received numerous awards, including the 1999 White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) award for National “Outstanding HIDTA Task Force Commander”, as well as Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in 2003. He has provided training to thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the United States and Sweden. He has spent years conducting extensive research on the Mexican drug trade, and how they pray for protection from law enforcement. He is also the creator and producer of the DVD; “Patron Saints of the Mexican Drug Underworld”.

Joe Garza

Director (Ret) of Homeland Security for Kansas City Southern Rail lines U.S. and Mexico and was assigned to the FBI Office in McAllen, Texas. He was also an FBI Intelligence Analyst in McAllen, Texas and retired as a Texas DPS Narcotics Investigator. Joe continues to provide training to Local, State and Federal Agencies on Border Issues and Organized Crime in South America.

Joe has extensive experience in analyzing and tracking border violence associated with the drug cartels, gangs and their movements along the Southwest Border and throughout the United States. Joe is recognized as a subject matter expert concerning Drug Trafficking Organization and Gangs associated with the Cartels along the US/Mexico border, and routinely sought out by other law enforcement organizations, DEA, U.S. Customs, U.S. Border Patrol, TSA, CIA and DHS, to give briefings and presentations throughout the United States.

Joe has testified as an expert witness in federal court on several high profile trials involving Mexican Cartels as well as an expert witness in Immigration proceedings. He has also presented to the International Law Enforcement Academy in Botswana, Africa, and has provided classes in Mexico City, Mexico and Canada. Mr. Garza assisted in developing threat assessments in connection to drugs, violent crimes, money laundering and domestic terrorism by the drug Cartels.

Joe Preciado

U.S. Border Patrol (Ret). Joe dedicated 25 years of service to the Border Patrol, and was assigned to the southwest border. During his first ten years as a Border Patrol Agent, Agent Preciado patrolled the Southwest Border of San Luis, Arizona. During that time he regularly encountered human smugglers, narco-terrorist members, transportation cells, deceased persons; abandoned drug load’s and drug “mules” while patrolling desolate areas of the Arizona/Sonoran Desert.

In 1998 he was assigned to the Southwest Border Alliance Narcotics Taskforce (SWBA) where he began to monitor Hispanic gang activity. It was during this time that he encountered two heavily tattooed Honduran nationals’ who were members of “White Fence” a Los Angeles based street gang. This would be the beginning of many encounters with what we now refer to as Trans-National Gang Members. In 1999 Agent Preciado was promoted to to the Yuma Sector Intelligence Unit.

His focus quickly turned to investigating criminal street gangs and their members. The main focus was on street, prison, and transnational gangs along with their distinctive tattoos.  Joe is considered an expert on transnational gangs and has trained thousands of law enforcement officers in the U.S. and throughout the world. Joe also serves on the Executive Board for the International Latino Gang Investigators Association.

Steve Gaenzle

President and founder of Spanish Language Consultants, LLC. Steve retired from the El Paso County Sheriffs’ Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado after 25 years of service. Steve was the lead homicide investigator on several high profile homicides. Steve is an expert in the fields of homicide investigations, crime scene investigations and evidence collection. Steve also served on an FBI fugitive task force.

Steve has created Spanish language subject matter courses for jail/prison officers, patrol officers, undercover/narcotic officers, dispatchers and criminal investigators. Steve is a Spanish instructor for the Gulf Coast HIDTA, the Ohio HIDTA and a Survival Spanish Language Instructor for the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy (RCTA), Meridian, MS. He also developed multiple lesson plans for Law Enforcement Training Academies in eleven States.

Steve has more than 1,800 hours of ongoing law enforcement training and education, including specialized training in homicide, assault and death investigation; psychological profiling; forensic application of DNA analysis; interview and interrogation, and specialized training in criminal investigations. Steve is a Life Member of Homicide Investigators of Texas, HIT, and possesses an International Certification to instruct English as a Second Language (ESL/TEFL).

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