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Retired U.S. Marshall

Robert Almonte

Robert conducted extensive research on how Mexican drug traffickers involve the spiritual world in their activities. Known as the drug world’s patron saints, cartel members pray to religious icons for assistance as they operate their criminal empires.  

Even the most grizzled and street-hardened lawman will be shocked and amazed at what they are up against investigating narco-terrorism. Robert’s experience makes the law enforcement community smarter, and more importantly, safer.

Robert Almonte’s experience is extensive. Training officers nationwide, he is also featured in broadcast news, print journalism and books.


Understanding Cartel Behavor

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Areas Frequently Covered

  • Mexican Cartels
  • Patron Saints of the Mexican Underworld
  • Hispanic Gangs in the USA
  • Narcocorridos
  • Hispanic Culture and Tradition
  • Hotel and Motel Investigations
  • Stash House Investigations
  • Cartels and Human Traffickers
  • Survival Street Spanish
  • Cartel Drug Wars Analysis
  • Officer Safety
  • Ties to Terrorism
  • Concealment of Drugs and Money
  • Identity Evasion
  • Getting Community Involvement
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November 8-12, 2021
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Mr. Almonte frequently appears in international, national, state, and local media; including print journalism, magazines, websites and television. Four recent reports are included on this page. Additional events can be found on Robert’s News and Media Page. 

Mexican Cartels Make Money From Migrants

March 18, 2021
ABC News El Paso

Mexican Cartels Out of Control

March 22, 2021
Fox News via Yahoo
Video Interview

Tribute to my brothers and sisters

To Protect and Serve

Police Officer on Knee with Flag

Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Wilson Knight. Stabbed to death by an inmate who was being moved to suicide watch. 

End of Watch – April 6, 2021

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